Bras For Sale

My cat may have cancer. She needs to see an oncologist. So I really need to sell all of my bra stash in order to raise money for her care. I am asking only what I paid for the new bras, and offering all the used ones at a discount of course. I have uploaded many photos to albums but right now I have SO MANY that I would rather gauge interest before continuing to upload.

Panache Clara, moonlight (blue) 34GG $35
Panache Floris, rose print, 36H, $36
Panache Floris, rose print, 36GG $36
HOTmilk Devoted 36GG $29
HOTmilk Devoted 36G $29
Panache Sienna, lagoon, 34H $25
HOTmilk Intuition, white, 34H $22
Masquerade Casablanca (rare unpadded half-cup) blue, 36G, $40
Panache Emily, ivory, 34GG, $20
Elomi Betty, black/pink, 36GG, $35
Masquerade Orla, Ivory,
Panache Andorra, pearl, 34H, $25
Panache Floris, rose print, 34GG, $36
Cleo Olivia (Bravissimo exclusive version of Alexa) 34GG $30

Panache Andorra, lagoon, 36GG, $25
Panache Andorra purple, 34GG $25
Bravissimo sleep tank, pink, 36GG-H, runs small, $27
Bravissimo PJ set, black tank and pants, ruffled 36GG-H, $32

Fantasie Simone, black with ivory, 34GG $20 almost new
Fantasie Simone, white with black, 34GG, $20 almost new
Fantasie Savannah latte 34GG $22 like new
Fantasie Savannah black/pink $22 like new
Fantasie Cally full cup, 32GG, $10
Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin bra, black, 34D, $10
Cleo Lizzie, 34GG, $20
Cleo Sasha, 34GG, $20
Shock Absorber D-Max, black, 34GG, $20 almost new
Bravissimo sleep tank, gray, 36GG-H, $20

And I think that's everything! Please let me know if you want any of these. If you want a photo of a specific item I will provide.
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Pour Moi Azure bikini for sale, check size

I bought this lovely set and sadly it doesn't fit me. I ordered the 34FF and the cup is way large, almost more like a 34G-GG. The band is not so important as it is a tie-back.
The tie-side bottom is a UK 14. I have 38 inch hips and it fits me well. it is a bit high cut on the bum due to the tie sides.
I have 12 days to send it back, but thought I'd see if anyone here would like it first.

I'm asking $30, same as I paid, and I'll ship it for that price since I'll lose on shipping it back.

It's really lovely, I'm sad to give it up or return it but that cup gap is just a bit much.

Panache Jasmine advice, and a sizing question

Hi ladies,

Two questions. First, I've been a size 34HH for the past five years. Every time I've had a fitting, no matter how much weight I've gained, my band size has stayed the same. However, I'm ordering bras online, and would like to try one with a bit more room in the band size, mostly to wear for comfort around the house. However, I don't really need the cup size to be larger. What would the next band size up be... 36H?

Second, has anyone tried the Panache Jasmine bra? I'm wondering if it has a second small piece of boning/wire by the cups, like the Tango 2 has. Does what I'm saying make sense? I mean, under the arms where the back of the band meets the cup material, in that seam. I've also tried both the Panache Andorra, and the Panache Saffron, and I can't wear either one comfortably. They only have wires under the breasts, with no boning in that side seam like the Tango has, and I think that makes a LOT of difference for me. The underwires on the Andorra and Saffron poke me SO DEEPLY under the arms; it's really painful! But the Tango doesn't, and the only difference I can see are those extra boning/wires in the sides.

So yeah, just wondering if the Jasmine has those little extra wires in the side seams. I can't tell from pics, and can't find that info in any reviews online.

Thank you so much! Bra shopping is soooooo stressful... bleh.

(PS... I am shopping online from Japan, so going into a shop and trying stuff on isn't an option, sadly.)

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Name or SN: Stacy G.
Age:Twenty Three :D
Bust size: Im currently wearing a 34C but I dont think it fits, I should probably be wearing a 32D/32DD, or possibly 30E according to some online calculators.
Member of bustingout since:Today
Color and style of bra you're currently wearing:Underwire, Black and Pink
Best thing about having large breasts: Not sure I would call myself large, but Busty works. I guess T-shirts can fit nicely and I can fill them out. It takes away from people looking at my belly a bit.
Worst thing about having large breasts: Hard as hell to find bras that fit you. People look at your boobs more than your eyes sometimes >.>
Favorite bra brand:Marie Jo *but its way too expensive, I only wear it on special occasions)
Favorite store for bras/swimsuits/etc: Usually I buy from Target, however they lack my size. Intimacy is great but expensive.
Most amount of money spent on a bra: 120 dollars
Was it worth it?: Yes, but im afraid of wrecking it
Least amount of money spent on a bra: 10 bucks
Was it worth it?: It does its job somewhat. I havent run into too many problems besides wanting a diffrent size.
Have you had a breast reduction?:No
If "Yes," was it worth it and why?:
If "No," do you intend to and why?: I am not super large breasted (at least I dont think, tell me if im wrong :P) but I enjoy my body, I dont want anything removed from my body unless its needed to be removed.
Most frequent question or statement about your breasts: I guess I cant think of any questions or statements I get. Ive had the fun awkward glances, and have been tempted to put a post it note saying "look up" on it.
Funny or embarrassing story involving your breasts: One time, my friend and I were hanging out and it was cold out so my nipples were perked up. I was wearing a camisole top with built in bra instead of a bra *bad idea*. She told me the turkeys are done, and I thought she ment I had a flat tire. I walked around the car for 4 minutes inspecing every inch as she kept laughing. Finally, when I got in the car, she asked "Is it cold in here, or is it just you" Needless to say I wasnt pleased, and asked her why she didnt tell me sooner. >.>
One thing you would change about bras if you were in charge: Make them cheaper, and better. Make it so all women can get properly fitted and not have to buy online.
One thing you would change about the bra industry if you were in charge: Give smaller sized bands a chance, there should be 32/30/28 bands available in bigger sizes. I shouldnt have to hunt online, and off for bras.
Any tips you have to make bras, clothes, and/or swimsuits fit better: Try things on, dont listen to some of the airheads that sell bras. I was put in a 36A before when I was a 34C *possibly 32D/DD*
Recommended links: None, if you want to add me on facebook though that would be cool.

-Ok this wasnt in the intro questions but if anyone suggests I try a diffrent size, or the others sound reasonable let me know. I have a tape measure at home and would love to actually know what size to get when I order online so I dont have to keep sending stuff back. :) Thanks
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Clothing review: BiuBiu

Searching for clothing that fits can be an unpleasant experience. I had previously tried Bravissimo but wasn't altogether satisfied with the experience. Then I found BiuBiu.

I've gotten some clothing recently from BiuBiu ( It's a small Polish company, and the owner is very good at responding to questions, which is a definite point in its favor. The prices are pretty good and there's no problem with returns. Best of all, the clothing is quite flattering. Just as a good bra can make you look significantly smaller than you would in an ill-fitting bra, shirts which are really cut for breasts (to the point that the fabric forms pouches when the shirt is on a hanger) make you look so much better. It all appears to be well-made although I haven't owned any pieces more than a few months so it is too soon to tell how it will stand up over the longer time.

I bought several button-down shirts in the 'Vanity Fair' - - line. I think the 'Vanity Size' line - - would have been better for me, as the Vanity Fair flares a lot at the hip, but they were out of my size. At 34GG (UK size) I get a BBB and it fits pretty well in the chest but there is a tiny hint of strain--I wouldn't recommend the clothing if your breasts are any larger than mine. (I can only hope she expands to BBBB before my breasts expand again!) Another thing which I don't like is that the sleeves are far too long for me, so I need to take them to a tailor for adjustment. I understand that I'm a bit short, and for a company it's better to make sleeves too long rather than too short, but these are seriously long: about 8 cm too long for me. Still, it's an easy adjustment for a tailor, and works far better than trying to get a normal shirt to fit me!

I tried one of the shirts of stretchy fabric but it didn't suit me. It's probably best for women who don't have tummy flab.

I absolutely love the one dress I got, though! It's a model called Red Town - - and I think it's one of the most flattering pieces of clothing I've owned in recent years.

I am not kidding when I say that I normally don't care for clothes shopping, and yet I find myself checking this website every couple of weeks to see if there are any new styles I might like (you can also follow the owner on Facebook for contests and announcements of new clothes).
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Recommendations needed/complaint about bra inconsistency

A while ago I asked for some bra recommendations ( The Elomi Cleo and Jasmine were spot-on for my breast shape.

Now I'm trying to get some new bras, because those ones are pretty worn, and I've also changed size (from 80 to 75, with the cup remaining the same, so I think I should be a 34GG in UK size now). I ordered some Cleos and tried them on--but they were unexpectedly jabbing me in the armpit! I laid them down next to my old bras, and saw that there were significant differences. The band was about 1/2 cm thicker, and the wires were about 1 cm higher. I was really disappointed about this, and returned the bras and mailed Elomi, but I didn't get an answer. It didn't look like poor quality control and normal variability, because all 3 of them were like that (and different from the 3 I already have).

Since then I've tried some bras from Curvy Kate (Emily and Portia), but they jabbed me in the armpit. I guess they're for people with longer torsos (sort of like Panache).

So I'm once again short on bras and frustrated. Why must manufacturers change models, discontinue bras, or accept such variability in manufacturing? Grr. Anyhow, I would greatly appreciate recommendations. My breasts tend toward full on top, and I have a somewhat short torso.
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FORCE- Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

I've often spoken about FORCE ( on both LJ and my Blog.
It's a wonderful resource and support for people who are high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. I was lucky enough to have a local chapter when I lived in Boston. Now I'm in Memphis and there isn't a local chapter. While on line resources are great my friend Michelle and I decided we want to start a local chapter.

Since FORCE is a grassroots organization we need to raise some money to fund the chapter before we can officially start it.
Every dollar helps, but even just sharing this page with friends and family helps get the word out.

For those who have been following mastectomy was supposed to be April of 2011 but Ben was laid off. We decided to wait until January 2013 to have my surgery down here in Memphis. First off, Garrett starts school at 3 down here so that makes it easier on me. Second if we do it at the beginning of the year I can have the exchange surgery as well and only pay 1 out of pocket maximum on my insurance.
I'm lucky to have met my friend Michelle (met her through FORCE) because she's gone through the same surgery and hooked me up with her amazing doctors down here.

I do hope people can help us out and donate just a few dollars to this great cause. It's important to both of us to get this off the ground and going.

Jayne Soft Cup Bra by Goddess

I own about half a dozen Goddess Keira Banded Underwire Bras, and I have always had the same problem with them; the underwires hurt my sternum/rib cage and under my arms. One would think that going up a size would help that problem, but it didn't; doing so just made the girls fall out the bottom more readily. Many times they have been so painful that I had to just take the darn things off and go without, zipping up my jacket to the top to cover the girls up. After getting the most recent catalog from Lady Grace, I decided to try out the Goddess Jayne Soft Cup Bra, and I tell you it is like night and day!

The Jayne Soft Cup Bra is very comfortable and I have experienced NO pain with them. The back has 5 sets of hooks, which helps keep the band in the right place. I am wearing the same size in the Jayne as I was in the Keira, and so far I have NO ride-up in the back. The 1-inch wide straps are adjusted using these weird clasps in the front, instead of the normal sliding mechanism. I had some trouble with the clasps initially since my breasts are so heavy (I am somewhere between a 36 M/N in Goddess sizes, which is about 36JJ/K in UK sizing). I solved this problem by sewing the straps into position; most people with smaller cup sizes won't have to resort to such extreme measures. With the straps adjusted and fixed into position and everything strapped in place, my girls are supported and in proper position (n!pples halfway between my shoulder and my elbow).

The only two downsides I can think of are A) plunging style shirts may not work so great with this style. OTOH, since it comes only in Fawn, it blends with my flesh pretty well. The other problem is B) the center of the bra between my breasts does not touch my sternum like with an underwire. Both of these are fairly small trade-offs for a pain-free bra in my opinion.

If there are other women out there like me who wear larger cup sizes and can't stand underwires, I would suggest giving the Jayne Soft Cup Bra by Goddess a try!