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Busting Out

The death of the bad bra

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bust force one
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Welcome to the Busting Out Community, where we welcome supportive men almost as much as supportive bras! This is place to rest your, eh, dogs, and discuss what it's like to be one of us chicks who has to push the puppies aside to see our toes. Have to shift them to see to get those stuck keys out of your pants pocket? Got personal flotation devices to rival the local lifeguards? Hang on... we'll pull you to shore.

New members can fill out the survey located in the memories section or click on the link
The survey is not mandatory, but it's just a good way to introduce yourself.
Please be kind enough to use a cut tag when doing the survey.
the FAQ section of LJ will let you know how to do that.

Check out the entry HERE to help out with the Bratabase.

If your membership is rejected it's probably because you failed to read the following.
This is now a moderated membership community.
Unless you are a member you will not be able to post.

Getting membership is simple. Show me you aren't a spammer and we're cool.
We are a friendly group of people who welcome new members.
I will only accept journals with entries. I will no longer leave blank LJ's pending, I don't have the time to keep checking back. If you can't be bothered to read the userinfo then I will reject your request.
I can't state enough that if your journal is either brand new, or friends only you will need to email me. If I can't see what is in your journal I'm not going to add you unless you can give me a coherent email.

You can email me at teawithfrodo AT livejournal DOT com
please DO NOT make a post in my personal journal or post your survey there.
No cross posting of any material from this community. Doing so will get you banned.

I love my girls (and guys) here.
If you can't have respect for the community then get lost.
This is a community about SUPPORT
no vulgar content, no boobie pics. This is a community to help each other, not look at porn.

If you are confused about something or have a question please email me at my livejournal account.

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